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Caring For A Child With A Disability – Challenges And Choosing The Right Service Provider

Caring For A Child With A Disability – Challenges And Choosing The Right Service Provider

Parenting is not easy, but the challenges get magnified when you are parenting a child with a disability (or disabilities). From frequent doctor trips, expensive treatment, and being active 24/7 to lack of socializing, worrisome excursions, and suffering from chronic depression, the challenges of caring for a child with a disability are enormous. In this blog, we feature challenges faced by parents of children with special needs and how the right service provider can be of paramount help.

Limited accessibility for special needs

One of the biggest challenges faced by families of disabled children is the lack of basic amenities. From ramp access, narrow or uneven footpaths and thresholds, inadequate toilets, or even restrooms and changing places – the list is endless! The limited accessibility isolates families with special children as they cannot visit the places they love.

Staggering childcare expenses

Raising a child with a disability means lesser income and higher expenses. Unlike other families, where both parents are working and have a sound financial backup, families with special children have limited options. Moreover, medicines, health insurance premiums, and hospitalization costs are regular expenditures that cannot be ignored.

However, you can seek help from National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which provides reasonable support to families with disabled children. You can also visit Services Australia – People with disability for multiple benefits.

Fewer adaptive clothing options

We still have lesser options for kids’ functional clothes. While there are few sellers of inclusive or adaptive clothing for disabled children online, they aren’t sold in stores or supermarkets.


Children with disabilities are more prone to being bullied. Bullying instances can range from yelling, making fun of kids with special needs, pushing them from stairs, and so on. In several serious cases, bullying can mean life or death to a child with a disability!

Thus, creating a safe environment for a child with disabilities is imperative. You can reach out to resources like Australian Human Rights Commission which protects disabled students against harassment and bully.

Dealing with such challenges and many more is not easy. Therefore, if you have a child with a disability, we suggest you choose the disability service providers. You must choose the service provider that suits your child and you.

While the right service provider is the one that meets your child’s special needs, here are a few tips to identify the best disability service, provider:

NDIS-Accredited: As mentioned earlier in the blog, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists Australians suffering from significant and permanent disabilities. So, it is important to check whether the service provider is a registered NDIS provider and honours the scheme.

Experience: The disability support provider you choose must be experienced enough to assist your child and meet your goal simultaneously. They should also be able to guide you through their terms and conditions and service agreements, among other relevant details.

Customer-centred approach: Pick a service provider that listens and understands your needs and is willing to provide the requisite assistance. Never settle for a disability support provider that focuses more on monetary aspects. Instead, opt for those who genuinely take efforts to help you regardless of the severity of your situation or request.

Credibility-check: Seek recommendations about disability support providers from friends, family, your General Practitioner, or your LAC (local area coordinator). You can also read the reviews on TrustPilot, Google, and Facebook to make an informed decision.


Any disability cannot stop a child from achieving something big in life. With proper care and support, they can live their best lives. NDIS ensures that people living with disabilities in Australia get timely and much-needed support for better living. So, before you finalize a disability support provider scrutinize them well and go for the one that you feel is good.

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