Cosy Home Care

It’s never too late to choose to live independently with the Independent Living Option

No, it is not selfish to want to live independently. In  recent  times,  there’s  been  so  much  talk  about  living  together  and  sharing  with  one  another. People  are  building  communities  that  connect  local  systems  more  closely  with  each  other,  to  help each  other  survive-  especially  during  the  pandemic.  However,  this  has  also  brought  a  lot  […]

3 signs that you need assistance with personal activities

Everyone desires to live a healthy, happy, and independent life. But your disability may sometimes prove to be a hindrance.  Assistance with everyday activities is covered under your NDIS plan. If you are eligible to access this service, Cosy Home Care is the best choice for you.  Seeking assistance with personal activities helps you live independently without […]

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