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Respite Care /STA/MTA

Cosy Home Care’s Respite Care and Short-Term Accommodation Services provide inclusive, flexible support for plan participants with
on-demand, spontaneous needs. Whether you require respite care for just a few hours or as long as three weeks, we are here to
accommodate your specific requirements.

Under respite care, aged care as well as child care is included. If you are based in or around Melbourne, simply search “Respite care near me” and we’ll be at your service!

As A Part Of Cosy Home Care’s Respite Care Services,
We Offer

Our Respite Care Services Extend Beyond Merely Providing Accommodation And Task-Based Assistance.

Whether your regular caregiver is temporarily unavailable, or your family is away for a weekend trip, we offer a warm, safe, and supportive environment tailored to your unique needs, regardless of the duration.

If you prefer to remain in the comfort of your own home, our in-home respite care allows you to do just that. Our compassionate caregivers can provide care in your home for a few hours, a day, overnight, or even for several weeks, depending on your specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering flexible, customized plans that accommodate both your schedule and budget. Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities.

We have a Referral Program
Designed For Our Clients

Referral process is the first step towards knowing our client needs and requirements. A well designed referral program helps us to assist our client better.

Socialise and Spend Time at Our Respite Care Centres

Our in-centre respite care services offer opportunities to be part of social gatherings where you can take part in range of interesting activities such as

Respite Care Services for Aging Loved Ones

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