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Supported Independent Living: A switch in the right direction

Supported Independent Living: A switch in the right direction

Living with a disability  or  a  mental  illness  can  change  how  you  look  at  the  world around you. Most importantly – how you fit into it. A simple option like living independently can be quite a faraway dream, just because of  the presence of  this disability. But it doesn’t have to be. One of  the problems that all of  us are faced with today is that we compare our lives to everyone else’s. As encouraging as this can sometimes be sometimes to challenge you to try and do  more,  or  do  something  new;  it  can  also  be  quite  damaging.  You  are  the  only  one  going through what you are. Don’t ignore your need and goals.

How can I live independently if  I’m sometimes scared to be alone?

If  I want to have my  own  space  but  occasionally  would  like  to  enjoy  company?  What  do  I  do  if   I’m  happy spending a lot of  time by myself  but know that I need help with some things? Questions like these  are  asked  more  frequently  than  you  think,  by  people  with  a  disability  and  without! Supported Independent Living (SIL) could be just up your alley.

At Cosy Home & Community Care, we understand how the backstories in our heads can sometimes keep us from making choices that would help put us more in control of  our lives.  If   you  do  want  to  live  independently,  we  offer  Supported  Independent  Living  (SIL) services  that  can  help  you  confidently  make  the  switch.  Not  only  are  there  options  for  the ways  you  can  adopt  SIL,  but  you  will  also  have  a  dedicated  team  of   support  to  help  you through the process, whenever you do need it- 24/7. All you have to do is express interest in including Supported Independent Living (SIL) in your NDIS plan at the planning meeting, and we’ll take care of  the rest.

What kind of  Supported Independent Living (SIL) service suits me best?

Cosy Home & Community Care knows that uncontrollable circumstances are no reason to accept that this is how it’s going to be. Support through your journey is the main objective that  flows  through  Supported  Independent  Living  (SIL).  We  offer  three  main  plans  under the SIL services, that are as unique as people’s personalities. Even within these options, there is  always  room  to  tailor  the  service  of   your  choice  according  to  your  lifestyle  requirements and goals. We understand that you should be the one getting the best out of  the service you choose.

The services provided under the SIL are:

  1. Independent Living: You don’t need to change houses to live independently. Our team is available to help you in your own home, through the lifestyle you lead and assist you in learning independent living activities of  your choice. You can also avail of  this service to learn a new skill like a  new  way  to  cook,  how  to  budget,  for  support  to  travel  and  ways  to  access  the community.
  2. Shared Living: In  this  shared  independent  living  option,  you  get  to  move  into  a  shared  home  with people  who  share  interests  like  you.  High  compatibility  is  also  a  key  factor  that  helps match you to find the right shared living space. In addition to having good company in your  living  space  while  still  living  independently,  support  is  tailored  according  to  the skills you want to develop.
  3. In-Home Respite Care: This  option  allows  you  to  live  in  your  own  home  with  an  available  team  to  assist  you with whatever you need. You choose the tasks and how long you’d like the team to assist you with them. This option is also designed for people who want to give their personal and family carers a break from how much they help in the house. Breaks are important- for you and the people around you.

Skills you can learn with Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Availing  of   any  of   the  options  within  Supported  Independent  Living  (SIL)  will  equip  you with  skills  to  be  able  to  live  fuller  lives  with  more  choice.  We  are  always  interested  in understanding  you  more  to  help  you  better.  We  also  encourage  you  to  step  forward  with skills you may have in mind that you want to learn and may not be on the list.

  • Household maintenance
  • Budgeting and Finance Management
  • Cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Using public transport for social and medical appointments
  • Becoming  more  active  in  social  and  recreational  activities  while  developing  strong  lasting community connections

What Supported Independent Living (SIL) can do for me?

Making the choice to switch to Supported Independent Living (SIL) with Cosy Home & Community Care can not only equip you with to live with more control over your own life; but also empower you through it.

  1. Empowering Independence: You are at the centre of  our support programs and they are designed to help you realise how you are the centre of  your own life. Regaining the sense of  autonomy through  your  journey  not  only  helps  develop  skills  but  enhances  the  personal elements  that  go  with  any  activity.  Some  of   these  personal  elements  are  ways  to communicate,  confidence  through  challenges,  openness  to  new  experiences,  the ability to try new social and recreational activities, the feeling of  freedom, etc.
  2. Support and Guidance: Living with a disability shouldn’t become a crutch upon your dreams. We intend our support and guidance provided help you understand that although the way to achieve  your  dream  may  need  tweaking,  the  dream  never  dies-  you  just  change how you want it to live. As you learn to become more independent, you have on your  way,  experts  experienced  in  different  fields  to  consult  and  work  with  no matter  what  you  journey  through.  We  also  offer  extended  physical  support  for those  needing  equipment  to  help  function  through  the  day.  It  is  important  to remember how this support is an aid, not a barrier to your living.
  3. Strong Connection: Sometimes  you  want  to  experience  something  new,  but  don’t  have  dare  to  try  it. Sometimes  you  want  to  share  a  part  of   your  lives  with  people,  but  don’t  know where to start; don’t know how to give that part of  you without being asked about it first. We understand these little anxieties that sometimes push us to put up walls around  us.  Our  support  plans  are  designed  to  motivate  you  to  be  an  active participant in social, recreational, community and outdoor activities you wouldn’t normally  do  on  your  own.  Our  team  isn’t  just  assigned  to  you  blindly,  they  are chosen based on the chemistry and openness you have with each other to be able to experience these things.