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Life Skills Development

Cosy Home Care offers life skills development services for capacity building of people with disability and elderly. This disability care service empowers you to live your lives independently, conduct your daily activities, and learn skills for life. Our capacity building services can be tailored to suit your priorities and needs.

All our disability and elderly care services aim to enable our clients to live full and meaningful lives. Cosy Home Care’s services can be self-funded or funded through the NDIS.


Our life skills development services are delivered by trained
Professionals and include:

Under life skills development, we help the people with disability and elderly to manage their emotions better. As a part of disability care, we design practical strategies tailored to suit specific circumstances. The people with disability and the elderly can improve social skills to be able to nurture healthy relationships and understand social norms better. We also help you build safe and respectful relationships despite disability.

At Cosy Home Care, we offer capacity building services to develop your practical skills such as budgeting, cooking and safety. This will enable you to live independently. As part of our disability and elderly care services, we help you build communication skills and follow basic personal safety norms for safe and confident living within the community.

Our services can help you lead a healthy life by learning how to incorporate exercise, relaxation and correct nutrition. Our trained professionals provide individualised services to help you understand the use of information technology. Cosy Home Care works with you to develop your practical skills to set up your budgets and manage money.

We have a Referral Program
Designed For Our Clients

Referral process is the first step towards knowing our client needs and requirements. A well designed referral program helps us to assist our client better.

We are committed to providing the Following Benefits

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