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It’s never too late to choose to live independently with the Independent Living Option

It’s never too late to choose to live independently with the Independent Living Option

No, it is not selfish to want to live independently. In  recent  times,  there’s  been  so  much  talk  about  living  together  and  sharing  with  one  another. People  are  building  communities  that  connect  local  systems  more  closely  with  each  other,  to  help each  other  survive-  especially  during  the  pandemic.  However,  this  has  also  brought  a  lot  of confusion  in  the  thinking  patterns  of  people  causing  internal  chaos  about  their  personalities  and questioning  their  need  to  have  personal  space  from  time  to  time.  It  is  not  a  bad  thing  to  be  an introvert,  to  want  personal  space,  to  want  to  take  time  out  to  concentrate  on  life  goals.  This  is harder  to  do  in  a  group  setting  when  group  goals  become  more  immediate  than  personal  ones. When do you find time for yourself in this situation? Is it wrong that sometimes you just need some time with your own thoughts, your own breath? Is it wrong to want to focus on you over the group?

Not at all! Being a part of a community doesn’t mean your entire life has to be designed integrated with everything. You can still wish to live alone and stay connected to the community. In fact, living independently  may  give  you  more  time  to  do  things  that  would  indirectly  benefit  the  community even if you’re not interacting with them. Like spending time writing poetry that you might read out one  day  at  a  poetry  night  for  the  community;  discovering  a  new  recipe  on  your  own  that  your friends and family might get to enjoy in the future. This is not a selfish desire to have and it’s never too late to want to make this change.

At  Cosy  Home  &  Community  Care,  we  want  what’s  best  for  you  and  make  it  possible  for  you  to discover and explore your own identity, as much as the worlds. With our new Independent Living Option (ILO) you can now choose where you want to live, just how you want to do it and what kind of support system you want to be surrounded by. All you have to do is tell us and we will design a living  package  just  for  you.  We  also  understand  how  many  times,  we  don’t  really  know  what  we want until we try something out. Cosy Home and Community Care allows you to change the details of your plan as and when you figure out what you want, or don’t want. This is not indecisiveness, it is fine-tuning to the life you want to live- and we want to help.

What is the Independent Living Option (ILO) and does this mean living alone?

This new Independent Living Option (ILO) puts the individual first- not the individual alone. It is a living arrangement that supports your personal goals and dreams whether in a shared living space or  living  alone.  It  is  a  designed  model  that  you  can  include  in  your  plan.  You  have  the  choice  of  a wide range of living arrangements according to your personality and what you want to achieve.

Living Arrangements under the Independent Living Option (ILO):

  1. Living Alone: Our  support  team  and  physical  supports,  if  needed,  are  available  to  assist  you  in  your  own home.
  2. Co-Residency: You  can  opt  for  the  support  team  to  live  with  you  on  a  full  time  basis  or  for  short  intervals depending on your needs.
  3. Host Arrangements: Here you have an option to live in a full time in a host home, who is unrelated to you and you will be supported.
  4. Living Together: You  get  to  choose  who  you  want  to  live  with,  with  support  available  as  you  make  choices  to become more independent.

Once  you  choose  the  arrangement  you  want  to  experience,  Cosy  Home  &  Community  Care  then tailors  a  plan  to  help  empower  you  to  live  independently  within  the  option  you  have  chosen.  The Independent  Living  Option  (ILO)  is  designed  with  four  main  features  that  are  implemented  at different stages so that you are eased into the new way you want to live, in your new home.

Features of the ILO package:

  • Individual focussed supports
  • Staged Implementation
  • A primary Support Approach
  • Supplementary Support

Why would living independently benefit me?

As hard as we work out there in the real world, it is nice to come back and take a load off. But what do  you  do  when  you  come  back  to  over  grown  grass,  house  repairs  or  a  messy  house  that  would probably take a whole weekend to get clean?

These  are  some  of  the  things  you  don’t  have  to  worry  about  anymore,  if  you  don’t  want  to.  The community  Independent  Living  Option  (ILO)  offers  features  that  can  be  opted  for,  so  you  don’t have  to  stress  about  maintaining  your  house  while  you’re  building  a  home.  Even  if  you  choose  to live alone, you can add these features to your plan and enjoy the weekend!

Features available at Cosy Home & Community Care:

  1. House repairs and general maintenance
  2. Garden maintenance
  3. House cleaning and rubbish disposal
  4. Transportation options
  5. Meal plans
  6. Social options to connect you to the community
  7. Home security
  8. Support (physical supports, technological, a support team, skill support)
  9. Other community amenities (as part of the community ILO )

More  than  being  judged  by  the  world,  we  often  judge  ourselves  when  the  way  we  want  to  live doesn’t  not  match  with  many  around  us.  Let  us  help  you  take  this  judgement  away  because everyone  is  entitled  to  living  independently.  Having  a  disability  and  needed  support  from  time  to time does not take away your independence. Being afraid to be alone does not mean you want to be around someone all the time. Loving to share does not mean you can 24/7.

Cosy  Home  &  Community  Care  not  only  understands  these  thoughts,  but  wants  to  empower  you when you’re feeling them. We would like to be your new self-care compass, if you let us.