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Community Access & Participation

Cosy Home Care is proud to provide forward-thinking community participation services, meticulously designed to empower individuals with disabilities to actively engage in their communities, events, and programs.

Our team of highly trained Community Engagement Practitioners is dedicated to guiding and nurturing your personal growth, enhancing your capacity, and strengthening your resilience. Our ultimate goal is to support you in transitioning toward informal community support and potentially securing employment, thereby fostering greater independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Community Participation Services Encompass
The Following:

Remarkable Benefits Of Innovative Community

Engaging in community activities not only enhances the well-being of individuals with disabilities but also opens up avenues for them to cultivate good health, acquire valuable skills, expand their knowledge, and improve their employment prospects.

Your active involvement in these programs not only enriches your own life but also contributes to the vitality of the community as a whole. Your participation ensures that more of these innovative community engagement initiatives can be made available to empower others, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

We are committed to assisting you in your personal growth journey with care and compassion. Here’s how we support you:

Fostering Self-Awareness: We are dedicated to helping you develop a deep understanding of how social systems intersect with disability, emphasizing your need for independence to nurture self-worth and confidence. We believe that recognizing these connections is fundamental to your personal development.

Promoting Personal Wellbeing: We recognize the significance of community participation, social engagement, and building meaningful relationships for your overall well-being. Our support is rooted in this understanding, ensuring that you are on a path to personal fulfillment.

Empowering Your Employment Goals: We are here to assist you in identifying your unique skills and interests in the context of various employment opportunities. We work together to access training, re-skilling, and upskilling opportunities that align with your career aspirations. Additionally, we facilitate your participation in community interaction programs that may lead to potential employment options.

Enhancing Social Skills: Our commitment extends to enhancing your social skills by raising awareness of social norms and nurturing social competence. We guide you in building a support network and provide opportunities for networking to discover suitable avenues for involvement. Even as formal support phases out, we ensure you have access to ongoing community assistance.

Navigating The Path To Access Our Innovative Community Participation Support is A Straightforward And Caring Process

We are proudly registered as an NDIS provider for innovative community participation support. Our services fall within the “Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation” category of the NDIS. This category is dedicated to enhancing your social engagement and participation in the community.

If you have funding allocated to this specific category of support within your NDIS plan, you have the opportunity to access the comprehensive services provided by us.

We are here to make your journey towards innovative community participation support as seamless and compassionate as possible, ensuring that you receive the care and assistance you deserve.

We have a Referral Program
Designed For Our Clients

Referral process is the first step towards knowing our client needs and requirements. A well designed referral program helps us to assist our client better.

With our community access services, we are committed to helping you

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