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Caring For A Child With A Disability – Challenges And Choosing The Right Service Provider


Parenting is not easy, but the challenges get magnified when you are parenting a child with a disability (or disabilities). From frequent doctor trips, expensive treatment, and being active 24/7 to lack of socializing, worrisome excursions, and suffering from chronic depression, the challenges of caring for a child with a disability are enormous. In this […]

Supported Independent Living: A switch in the right direction

Living with a disability  or  a  mental  illness  can  change  how  you  look  at  the  world around you. Most importantly – how you fit into it. A simple option like living independently can be quite a faraway dream, just because of  the presence of  this disability. But it doesn’t have to be. One of  the […]

There should be more job vacancies targeted at people with a disability

It’s not just the disability that can sometimes make the world seem like too big a challenge to handle, it’s the thoughts that come with living with one. Not only does extra energy now have to be put into something that may come naturally to someone else, but extra energy goes into encouraging yourself that […]

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