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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Individuals facing significant functional limitations or xtensive support requirements may benefit from specialized accommodations tailored to their needs. This type of support is made available to eligible articipants through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is known as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

SDA encompasses housing designed to facilitate the independence of individuals with severe functional impairments who require extensive support. Through SDA, the NDIS strives to empower these individuals to live autonomously, engage actively in their communities, and exercise choice and control over their lives.

People with disabilities who meet the criteria for SDA under the NDIS can access funding to cover the expenses associated with securing
an environment conducive to independent living while continuing to receive ecessary support. It’s important to note that SDA primarily pertains to specialized housing and does not encompass support services. Furthermore, SDA is targeted at individuals with specific, high-level support needs, so it often incorporates unique design features or specific locations to facilitate access to the required support. If you are looking for Disability Accommodation Melbourne is the ideal place to look.

Types Of SDA Building

SDA eligibility extends only to specific building types that align with state-regulated building codes or adhere to the classifications outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

SDA Design Categories

The design classification of the planned SDA must incorporate elements that cater to the residents’ requirements and improve overall quality of life.

This design category for SDA should align with the guidelines established by Livable Housing Australia and fulfill the specified ‘Minimum Requirements for New Builds’ criteria associated with that category.

There Are Five Broad Design Categories For SDA

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How Cosy Home Care Can Provide Assistance?

At Cosy Home Care, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your selection of SDA takes into account all essential criteria. Our team of highly qualified professionals, including experienced disability access consultants, will meticulously assess all pertinent schedules, architectural plans, and design documentation to guarantee your peace of mind and the best possible living environment.

Specialist Disability Accommodation in Melbourne

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