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Meet The Team

Stephanie, with her extensive health background, is an invaluable asset to our team of Case Managers. Her expertise is crucial in managing properties, coordinating client care teams, and addressing all inquiries and concerns related to house management. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible care and service.
Let’s get to know Stephanie below

Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Steph
Favourite colour: blue is definitely my favourite.
Interests and hobbies: I’m a big geek at heart, with my free time spent collecting and watching anything relating to pop culture (marvel, DC comics, Disney, movies and more)
Additional I love to play Darts and cricket, watching football and playing tabletop games.

What prior professional experience do you have?

Recently completed a Bachelor of Health Science, Rehabilitation Counselling at LaTrobe University. Prior to uni, I’ve spent the last 8 years working as an Allied Health Assistant with both Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists. I’ve covered both acute and outpatient treatments within the role.

At Cosy Home Care, the role of a case manager is pivotal in ensuring that our care is always client focused. Stephanie exemplifies this commitment, embodying the values that are at the heart of our mission to provide exceptional, five-star care to every client. Her dedication and attention to detail ensure that the individual needs of clients are met with the utmost professionalism and empathy, reinforcing the trust and high standards that Cosy Home Care is known for. Stephanie’s contribution is a testament to the significant impact that skilled case managers have on the quality of care in our community.

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