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Louise exemplifies the dedication and expertise required in a Case Manager, particularly in the challenging yet rewarding field of disability accommodation. Her management of the majority of the SIL houses and her involvement with the SDA properties showcase her ability to handle complex responsibilities with grace. Her role is crucial in fostering a collaborative environment among care teams, ensuring that client support is not just a service, but a shared mission. Louise’s commitment to her work truly makes a difference in the lives of many.
Let’s get to know Louise below

Name: Louise
Nickname: I don’t have one
Favourite colour: Green
Professional experience: I studied as an Intellectual Disability Nurse in Ireland. I qualified in 2022 and I worked in the community as a Registered Disability Nurse for a short time before moving to Australia. I moved to Melbourne in April 2023. I worked as a community support worker when I first moved. In December 2023 I started working for Cosy Home Care.

What do you like to do in your down time?
I love exploring Melbourne and seeing new places. I like to meet with friends, and I have some family here who I spend a lot of time with. I also like exercising and spend some of my free time in the gym or outside running.
Louise’s contribution to the Cosy Home Care team is invaluable. Her extensive medical knowledge is a cornerstone in addressing the health concerns of clients, ensuring they receive the best possible care. Her kindness and passion are evident in her interactions, making a significant impact on the lives of the participants she works with. It’s clear that Louise’s dedication and expertise are integral to the team’s success and the well-being of its clients.
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