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Support Coordination

You are the most important person in your NDIS plan and it is important that you are able to understand and coordinate your disability care supports. If you are looking for help to navigate your NDIS plan, we can connect you to the required disability care supports. At Cosy Home and Community Care, our support coordinators will work with you in developing your NDIS plan for meeting your needs and goals. We equip you to take control and maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan. Once you develop skills, you can control and manage your plan independently. 

How can our support coordinator in Melbourne can help?

Our support coordinators, who are skilled and qualified to work with people with disability and the aged, help you execute your NDIS plan. Their role is to connect NDIS participants to eligible disability care supports. They can

Help you understand plan funding and design support solutions.
Connect you to support services and networks relevant to your needs and goals.
Assist you in commencing supports.
Help you access the NDIS portal and monitor your fund expenses.
Manage your resources to get the best outcome from your plan.
Support your search for accommodation, education and employment opportunities.
Help you develop informal or community connections to build your support network.
Enable you to build resilience, skills and capacity to respond to crises.
Work with you and your support network to make progress towards your goals and achieve outcomes.
Teach you how to use your NDIS plan, prepare for review and report on achieved outcomes

Accessing support coordination in Melbourne during COVID-19

In light of the recent short-term changes announced by the NDIA, all NDIS participants and their families can obtain support coordination to ensure that they secure the support needed for managing any impact of Covid-19. You may now access support coordination in Melbourne from the core supports category in your NDIS plan even if your current plan does not include it. Our team of support coordinators can provide you with the required assistance to face this challenging time.

Why choose Cosy Home & Community Care?

Cosy Home and Community Care is an independent NDIS-registered disability care provider offering expert, unbiased support to help you achieve your goals.
We offer high-quality individualised support coordination in Melbourne by matching your needs with the most suitable support coordinator.
We build your ability to take independent action and empower you to exercise control and choice.