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Plan Management Services

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we understand that managing the NDIS plan and related administration tasks can be overwhelming for people with disability. You can rely on our plan management services for assistance in navigating your plan and connecting with service providers for effective support coordination and plan management.

With our plan management services, people with disability will be able to obtain the necessary support for the financial management of their plan and find the right providers to achieve their goals.

Plan management services from Cosy Home and Community Care constitute financial intermediary support wherein our plan managers function as the link between the NDIA and service providers, on behalf of the NDIS participant.

People with disability can choose to avail the services of a plan manager at the planning meeting, post which a third-party plan manager is assigned for your plan, who will communicate with your service providers periodically to settle invoices and conduct financial reporting on your behalf.

Our plan manager can walk with you in your journey of navigating your NDIS plan so that you can achieve your goals. Our plan management services can help you with  

Understanding how to use your funding
Coordinating service agreements and delivery with providers
Processing your invoices and paying directly to service providers
Acting as your bridge to service providers for communication and clarification of issues
Keeping track of your fund utilisation and balance
Financial reporting to the NDIA on your behalf

Reviewing your plan annually ensures that your current services continue to meet your needs and all allocations are within budget. You can request for an earlier review or change your plan manager to meet your evolving needs.

Why choose Cosy Home and Community Care?

We are an independent, registered NDIS provider.
We help you derive the maximum benefit from your plan without worrying about the administrative burden.
Our professional staff offer expert advice to clarify and resolve issues associated with your NDIS plan.
You will retain control of your finances while we manage your financial plan and provide regular, clear financial information.
You choose what services you purchase, who provides and how to access those.