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Innovative Community Participation

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we offer innovative community participation services designed to support the people with disability in building skills that allow them to participate actively in their community, events and programmes. 

We have well-trained Community Engagement Practitioners who hand-hold and enable you to build your capacity and resilience. Thereby, you can eventually move away from the service to informal community support and/or a job.

Innovative community participation services include the following

Workshops on finding suitable employment
Mentoring to overcome challenges and continue your job
Assistance and support for setting up your own small business
Classes to learn new skills or improve existing ones
Participation in free community events

How innovative community participation services can help you

Community participation is a win-win for all. Connecting with other people boosts a sense of well-being in disabled people and creates possibilities for them to build health, skills, knowledge and employment prospects. Your involvement also strengthens the community and ensures that more such innovative community participation programmes can be offered.

How to access innovative community participation support

We are a registered NDIS provider for innovative community participation support. NDIS includes these services in the “Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation” category. If you have funding for this category of support, you can access Cosy Home and Community Care’s services.

We support you in building your self-awareness by

Helping you understand how social systems relate with disability and your need for independence to promote self-worth and confidence
Understanding the importance of community participation, social engagement and relationships for personal wellbeing

We support you in exploring/accessing employment by

Identifying your skills and interests in context of employment options
Accessing opportunities for training, re-skilling and upskilling, and employment
Participating in community interaction programmes with possible employment options

We support you in building your social skills by

Imparting better awareness of social norms and fostering social competency
Helping you socialise to create your own support network
Helping you network and discover suitable opportunities for involvement
Enabling you to access community assistance post phasing-out of formal support