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Community Access

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we understand the importance of social connections and community support for the all-round health of people with disability.

Our clients can experience meaningful conversations and build comfortable and enduring connections with a caring companion through our Community Access and Companionship services.

Our community access services encompass

  • Regular outings to the cinema, park, beach or lake
  • Catching up with friends and relatives
  • Going out for coffee or lunch
  • Assistance with grocery and other shopping
  • Assistance with participation in sporting activities
  • Visiting the gym
  • Attending arts, drama or music classes
  • Attending religious or community events

Our community access services go beyond providing you with companions for task-based assistance.

Our disability and elderly care involves a more personalized approach that connects you with companions who understand your unique interests, values, needs and personality, and create meaningful experiences for you within your home, outdoors or in the presence of your community.

Your bond with your community access companion will keep you mentally, socially and physically agile. It will let you pursue your interests and not let your disability affect your social behaviour. Cosy Home and Community Care provides companions who have a high social quotient and many of our clients have shared long-term, enduring connections with them.

We have a 7 Days Referral Program Designed For Our Clients

Referral process is the first step towards knowing our client needs and requirements. A well designed referral program helps us to assist our client better.

We tailor community access services to your exact needs, whether quiet companionship or friendly conversations daily.

Reach out for companionship services for a reliable, stress-free and stimulated everyday life, with complete assistance with tasks while also bidding goodbye to loneliness and boredom. Whether it is for a quiet evening or a fun outing, gardening or movies, our companions will happily join you as well as take care of to-and-fro travel arrangements.

Get Customised Support Plan Now!

With our community access services, we are committed to helping you

Enjoy a fulfilling, healthy and independent lifestyle
Alleviate boredom and lack of companionship indoors and outdoors
Have fun and enriching experiences despite your disability and age
Enjoy outdoors without having to worry about safety and mobility limitations
Rest assured of support during long and short travels