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Assist for Life Stage Transition

Life stage transition assistance services by Cosy Home and Community Care help you manage life stages, transition and supports. We aim at assisting people with disability and aged coordinate both short- and long-term supports more effectively for an enhanced quality of life.

Our services will help you participate more actively in your community and achieve greater ease and control. The people with disability and their families need information and advice to make decisions on regular matters as well as critical issues. Cosy Home and Community Care works with participants and their caregivers to understand their priorities and make the right decisions regarding support.

In life stage transition assistance services, we support participants with

Social and community participation by establishing supportive community networks
Support coordination to simplify the complexity in support environments
Addressing barriers to help participants connect with supports
Specialist positive behaviour support for improved relationships
Therapeutic supports, assistive technology and community nursing care
Early intervention supports for early childhood for improved health
Accommodation and tenancy obligations to support improved living arrangements
Planning for life transition stages including mentoring and peer support
Capacity building and individual skill development
Decision making and daily planning support
Financial mentoring and budgeting assistance

Through our life stage transition assistance services as part of disability care, we provide help to prepare schedules for daily, weekly and longer‐term support to enable participants move towards their goals. We also assist with budgeting, planning for expenses, setting up payments for ongoing supports, and making payments for one‐off purchases. We also offer training and development activities for participants and their families to help the people with disability live as autonomously as possible.

Cosy Home and Community Care is your best choice for life stage transition assistance services because

We offer choice and flexibility so that you can choose the exact services and delivery methods that meet your needs and goals.
Our service staff are professional and highly skilled.
We have extensive experience as a disability care services provider in Australia.
Our services are high-quality, responsive and meaningful to our participants and their families.