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Innovative Community Participation

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we offer innovative community participation services designed to support the people with disability in building skills that allow them to participate actively in their community, events and programmes. We have well-trained Community Engagement Practitioners who hand-hold and enable you to build your capacity and resilience. Thereby, you can eventually […]
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Assist for Life Stage Transition

Life stage transition assistance services by Cosy Home and Community Care help you manage life stages, transition and supports. We aim at assisting people with disability and aged coordinate both short- and long-term supports more effectively for an enhanced quality of life. Our services will help you participate more actively in your community and achieve […]
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Assistance to Personal Activities

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we understand the importance of bringing comfort, consistency and reliability to your everyday schedule. We offer high-quality personal activities assistance services for the everyday care of the people with disability and the elderly, to help them plan their day with ease. We are committed to supporting you with self […]
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Life Skills Development

Cosy Home and Community Care offers life skills development services for capacity building of people with disability and elderly. This disability care service empowers you to live your lives independently, conduct your daily activities, and learn skills for life. Our capacity building services can be tailored to suit your priorities and needs. All our disability […]
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