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Respite Care Services

The respite care or short term accommodation services of Cosy Home and Community Care offers comprehensive short-term accommodation and care for the on-demand, ad-hoc requirements of plan participants. Avail our respite care services for a few hours or as many as three weeks depending on your exact requirements. We can also craft personalised respite care […]
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Assistance with Self Care

Cosy Home and Community Care assist people with disability in their routine, daily personal care (self care) activities. If you are an eligible NDIS participant, assistance with your daily life can give you the core support to accomplish daily activities and maintain your independence.  Self care support services can be provided at home for people […]
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Community Access

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we understand the importance of social connections and community support for the all-round health of people with disability. Our clients can experience meaningful conversations and build comfortable and enduring connections with a caring companion through our Community Access and Companionship services. Our community access services encompass Regular outings to […]
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Support Coordination

You are the most important person in your NDIS plan and it is important that you are able to understand and coordinate your disability care supports. If you are looking for help to navigate your NDIS plan, we can connect you to the required disability care supports. At Cosy Home and Community Care, our support […]
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Gardening and Yard Maintenance

If having a disability makes it difficult for you to maintain your garden or manage tasks around your yard, you can pay for these services with your NDIS funding depending on your individual circumstances. Your NDIS funding could cover your cost of yard and garden maintenance service if: You are unable to undertake these tasks […]
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Plan Management Services

At Cosy Home and Community Care, we understand that managing the NDIS plan and related administration tasks can be overwhelming for people with disability. You can rely on our plan management services for assistance in navigating your plan and connecting with service providers for effective support coordination and plan management. With our plan management services, […]
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Specialist Disability Accommodation

People with disability that causes extreme functional impairment or extensive support needs might require special accommodation with access to the supports they need. Such accommodation is funded for eligible participants by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is referred to as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA comprises housing to enable people with severe functional […]
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Supported Independent Living

Often, people with disability need support to live independently. This support can be received in their own home or along with a group of people in a shared accommodation. Independent living can allow you to have more choice and control in your life. If you are a person with disability, go prepared to your NDIS […]
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Assistance with Transport

As life happens around us, there are so many places we may want to go to! For the people with disability and for elderly, it is often quite daunting to step out of their homes. You may not be driving anymore, and taking public or private transport could feel intimidating. You don’t have to be […]
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House Cleaning

Having a clean house can give you peace, comfort and pride. Cosy Home and Community Care understands that seniors and people with disability often find it daunting to perform regular and extensive house cleaning. You will no longer feel helpless or uncomfortable. We are just a call away. As part of our disability and elderly […]
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