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Michelle brings a wealth of experience to Cosy Home Care, serving as the Senior Human Resources professional. Her expertise is evident in the way she efficiently juggles various HR responsibilities, even with her limited time in the office. Her dedication to staff development through internal training sessions is a testament to her commitment to enhancing the management skills within the company. Michelle’s role is pivotal in fostering a supportive and skilled workplace environment.
Let’s get to know Michelle below

Name: Michelle
Nickname: Plenty. Shell, Mich and my kids friends call me Mishka. My granddaughter calls me GMA
Favourite colour: I always used to say blue, but I’m going to move to pink and purple now. My granddaughter loves those colours!

What do you like to do in your spare time hobbies?
I live near the beach so walking on the sand and watching the sunset or the ever changing cloud formations. It’s just a beautiful beach. I also like to look after my garden, read, go to the movies and more recently, go out dancing on a Saturday night and see live bands.
Prior to working for Cosy Home Care what did you do in your professional life?
I’ve completed my post graduate studies with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and I’m currently qualified as a Certified HR Professional. I’ve just applied for my Fellowship which is the highest HR qualification available in Australia. I’ve been in Human Resources for 24 years now.
Michelle’s presence at Cosy Home Care brings a positive impact that resonates throughout the office. Her willingness to engage and support her colleagues not only fosters a collaborative environment but also enhances overall workplace morale. Her approachability and readiness to assist with any queries demonstrate her commitment to the team’s success and well-being. Michelle’s contributions are indeed invaluable, making her an integral part of the Cosy Home Care family.
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