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Elizabeth is an ongoing client with Cosy Home & Community Care. She is blind and lives on her own.
Elizabeth was very clear about her goals for independent living.
When Cosy Home & Community Care commenced with Elizabeth’s support service a key focus for the client management team was to address her goals for independent living and match a carer who was best suited for her requirements.
Elizabeth looks forward to seeing her support worker on a regular basis. They have developed a genuine, friendly relationship and engage in some great banter and laughs. It means a lot to Elizabeth that her support worker listens to her and that she can talk and confide in him.

The help she receives for support worker gives her the freedom to continue living independently in her home and for going out in community.

Her support worker helps her with

  • Grocery shopping, banking, and other purchases when needed.
  • Going out for lunch
  • Attending Bible study group meetings
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Attending church on the weekends
  • General cleaning
  • Reading her Christian books

Having the companionship and interaction have been a vital to improving Elizabeth’s mental health and wellbeing

Elizabeth is extremely grateful for the care and attention her support worker provides.
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