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Frank has been a client with Cosy Home & Community Care for 3 years.   When Frank started with us, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Osteoarthritis, and type 2 diabetes. 

Frank felt quite isolated and lonely.

Our client management team realised how important it was to match the right carer to support Frank’s needs and goals in the best possible way. We created a care plan for Frank after discussing Frank’s requirements with his support coordinator and occupational therapist.

The support worker assigned to Frank built a strong foundation and relationship with him. She works closely with Frank helping him achieve his goals.

Having a support worker that was caring and a good listener was very important to Frank. 

Frank loves to chat, he enjoys going to cafes and short walks. His support worker has helped him in accessing the community with confidence. She also helped him attend medical and other appointments, join the library, transport training, helping with his budget, shopping for clothes and other items needed. The ongoing support has helped Frank through some tough times. 

Frank values the support of Cosy Home & Community Care. 

Frank’s mental health, wellbeing and confidence has improved over the years since joining Cosy Home & Community care. He enjoys going out with his Carer and thoroughly enjoys the companionship.